God renews his covenant promises to His people and reminds them of the conditions those promises require. If they choose to worship Him alone and follow His ways, then He will pour out His goodness upon their lives. Everything about their life will be impacted by their willingness to follow the Lord. That, by the way, is still a covenant promise. God will pour out His goodness upon those who choose to worship Him alone and follow His way of life. I struggle to imagine my life without His goodness and without His grace resting upon it. He tells them if they forsake His ways and choose to follow after other gods, then he will curse their lives. Everything will be cursed because of their rebellion. While I still believe this to be a over-arching law, I also know that grace is abundant in Christ. God gives us so much more than we deserve even when we are living in rebellion to Him. The reality, however, is that we never experience the fullness of His goodness when we are in that state. Can you tell the difference? Do you see the difference in those moments when you are walking closely with God compared to those moments of rebellion and sin? It should be obvious to a faithful follower of Jesus. His goodness can rarely be confused with the world's idea of an abundant life. When Jesus has His hand on you, people notice, because He is also doing the miraculous in your midst. Where are you today? Are you following Jesus or rebelling against Him?

Help me, Lord, to enjoy the blessings of Your covenant promises as I worship You alone and follow Your way of life. Help me to repent immediately when I rebel and step away from Your plan.