God commands the people to take stones from the Jordan River as they pass through it and to build a monument writing all His commandments on the rocks. He commanded this so that the future generations would know what God had done for them and what He had commanded them. Since the stones were from the center of the Jordan River, they would be a constant reminder of God's presence and provision as they entered the Promised Land. The Laws written on the stones would always remind the people of God's commandments and the lives He expects them to live. The monument equaled memories that would cross generational lines. We, too, need moments that create strong memories that keep us faithful and true to God and to His Word. We need times of celebration and times of repentance and mourning. We need those moments to keep our focus on Jesus and upon His kingdom and not upon myself and my kingdom. The Hebrew parents were expected to talk about those memories and those monuments at every juncture of life to help their kids keep their focus, as well. Can you think back through the last twelve months and pull out three or four of those kinds of moments? If so, you are blessed to have memories that spur you on in your walk with God.

Help me, Lord, to allow those exciting and convicting moments to stick in my heart and mind. Help me to stay the course that You have set me on with the help of those memories that You have provided for me.