Moses repeats the final parts of the law as is expected in this book. He closes the chapter with some powerful words. Moses reminds them that God commands them to follow these decrees and laws and he challenges them to carefully observe them with all [their] heart and with all [their] soul." This amazing leader reminds his people that nonchalant and lackadaisical do not describe those who walk closely with God. Those people are determined to live their lives to the fullest which means they will choose to carefully observe all His commandments. Careful observation takes my mind to the word "diligence." Diligence is "excellence over an extended period of time." Walking with God requires a heart that will continue on at the highest levels even when times get tough or create hurt or heartache. We cannot attend church on Sunday and think that will feed us for the week. Church attendance does not equal a walk with God, because it is an outflow of our growing walk with Him. We must diligently spend time in the Scriptures; reading, meditating, and memorizing the Word of God. We must diligently spend time in prayer relating to our God on a daily basis. We must spend time with other believers, because iron sharpens iron, and we constantly need to be sharpened. Are you carefully observing all of God's commandments and decrees? Would God describe you as diligent in your walk with Him?

Help me, Lord, to carefully observe all of Your commands and decrees. Help me to be diligent in reading Your Word, prayer, and in fellowship with other believers so that I can continue to grow in my walk with You.