Are you tired of all the laws and commandments God has given through Moses to this new generation of Israelites who are about to enter the Promised Land? It is easy to get weary, but we must remember two truths. God is omniscient which means He knows everything about everything, past, present, and future. He provides these laws because He knows what is coming in the lives of His people, and He is doing everything in His power to warn and prepare them for what is ahead. Why would God do that? The second truth we must cling to is that God did not put on this earth to survive; He put us here the thrive. Are there moments when survival is all we can attain? I suspect there are, but those are just moments or seasons that will end. Thriving is living life to the fullest and hoping to reap the most from it through every circumstance and situation. That, in no way, implies wealth; instead, it implies that God does a powerful work in us as He uses us to minister to others. We reap incredible benefits emotionally and spiritually when we give more than we receive. Are you surviving today, or are you thriving in your walk with God and in the life He called you to live? These commandments reveal that answer for us showing us how God wants us to live so that we can thrive in this life.

Help me, Lord, to rest in Your omniscience especially when it comes to Your commandments and their relevance to my life. Help me to thrive in this life because I am walking with Jesus and living according to His commandments.