Does God create prejudice in His people by excluding some from acceptance in Israel and not all? It is so important to notice that His prejudice had nothing to do with race or gender; instead it was based upon those who chose to mistreat His people while they wandered in the wilderness. God is fiercely loyal and sees Himself as our protector (Praise the Lord!). He will deal with those who mistreat His children, and He now tells Israel not to associate with those nations. As New Testament Christ-followers, we should not see people as Jew or Gentile, white or black, or girl or guy; instead, our only question about the people God brings into our lives is this: "is this person I work with, live next to, or spend quality time with a believer or an unbeliever. We should never join the ranks of those who choose to suppress a people group or even a specific person. God's deepest desire is to see the crowning glory of His creation saved, sanctified, and ready to be glorified. We should have that same desire! What if a person mistreats me or seeks to do me harm? Believe it or not, God wants to save that person, as well. If you have any doubts, re-read Paul's testimony. He hated Christ-followers, watched at least one murdered, and arrested many more. He was the poster child for God's judgment, but God chose to reveal Himself to Paul and save him for a greater work!

Help me, Lord, to put away any man-made prejudice that may have crept into my life and to see every person I meet from Your perspective. Help me to show others Your love as I speak about You and show them the difference You make in my life.