When you read this chapter, it is easy to see so many areas that relate to our modern day "sexual revolution." Many will say these no longer apply to a believer's life in this modern era; I believe God left us the Law as an example to follow in our normal walk with Jesus. Admittedly, some no longer apply because we do not offer sacrifices, and some have been negated by God's command like the eating of certain food, but what about these principles that focus more on our personal life? Why would God even bring up men dressing like women and women dressing like me, or a promiscuous relationship by two people who are not married? He is talking here about identity. He wants His people from the Old and New Testament to consider how they define themselves. Many today define themselves by their sexual preference. They dress accordingly, act accordingly, and respond accordingly to anything negative said about their lifestyle. The Bible clearly says "no" in these areas, because God knows how susceptible we are to low self-esteem. In those moments, we want to stand out and be special so we identify with a sexual preference outside the "norm" of life. All the while, Jesus has given His life as a sacrifice for our sins to take away our guilt and shame and to give us an identity that is based solely in Him. Satan has clouded the waters, and people around the United States and beyond have fallen right in to his trap. God wants our best, and these commandments are part of the best we can experience in life.

Help me, Lord, to read Your Word and accept it as truth even when it does not agree with my current lifestyle or the norms of my culture. Help me to find me esteem, my identity, in You and not in lifestyle choices or bad decisions.