Again, it is so important to see that God is a God of detail. He sees every possibility and provides direction for His people. He starts with unsolved murders and ends with a disobedient child. Many parents might read that part of this chapter and misunderstand what God is saying. Why did God have the child stoned if he could not be controlled? He did so because obedience to parents opens the pathway for obedience to God. When Paul tells the children in Ephesus to "obey your parents for this is right," he is saying to parents, "teach your kids to obey you so eventually they will choose to obey Yahweh." Many kids are allowed to live in constant disobedience without consequence and end up rebelling against God and expecting the same result. No, God does not want us to execute our children, but He does want us to discipline in a manner that will cause them to realize they do not want to do that again. This is part of loving your kids. You love them so deeply that you want them to be right with God and ready to follow Him. Teaching them to obey you is the first step in teaching them to obey Him. Earlier in Deuteronomy, God commanded the people to talk of Him when they rise up and when they lie down; when they walk by the way or sit together in the sun. This is a key step in teaching our kids to obey. If they see us obeying God and know what we are doing, we are opening their hearts to obeying us.

Help me, Lord, to teach my children to obey. Help me to love them enough to discipline them when it is needed and to show them how to obey by walking closely with You.