God reassures the people of His perfect plan for conquering the Promised Land. He does not give them false assurances; instead, He tells them up front that they will face enemies who are bigger, stronger, and more ready for war than they would ever be. He then reminds them that He is going to battle with them and that He will provide the victory over those enemies. They do not have to fear what they do not have, because He is stronger than their enemies, and He will fight for them in the battle. This is a difficult reality for us in the New Testament era, because we are not involved in any of the fighting that takes place in wars around the world. We do, however, face incredible enemies that would love to destroy our love for Jesus and the uncomprehending peace that only He provides. God tells us that He will go to war for us if we will only cry out to Him for assistance. He is ready to win every battle we face when we are walking closely to Him. At other times, when we are odds with God and living in sin, He steps back and allows our consequences to continue even after we repent. This is the reality of spiritual warfare. Our success depends upon our relationship with God and our readiness to do His work. Are you winning battles today? If so, who gets the glory for each one?

Help me, Lord, to stay away from those enemies of faith as much as is possible. Help me, Lord, to depend upon You in every battle knowing You have already given us the victory.