The old generation of Israel has passed on and now the new generation is excited and motivated to move into the Promised Land. God leads them through several nation's borders and tells them to leave those alone, because they are descendants of Esau. As they get closer to Canaan, however, God changes His tune. He tells Moses to attack and destroy the nations they are about to enter. As they obeyed, God gave them victory after victory. It saddens me to think that the previous generation of Israelites could have done this. They could have listened to God's voice above the voices of the spies and taken the land God promised them. I am thankful to see that they learned those lessons well from their parents and chose not to make them personally. Jill and I talk a lot about breaking the cycles of generational sins in our families. We have watched those before us struggle with major issues in life simply because they would not listen to God's voice. Is God calling you to take that same step in your life? It is definitely a challenge after growing up with it, but your children will bless you regularly for doing so. What better reminder can we find in our culture of the importance of breaking those chains? As you take a quick inventory of your life, are you still living in some of the same sin your parents and grandparents struggled with? Have you determined, like this new generation in Israel, that you will follow God's plan and enjoy His victory?

Help me, Lord, to break the cycle of generational sin in my family. Help me to hear Your voice and obey You instead of that sin that so easily entangles me.