How often do you consider God's omniscience? As you read this chapter, it is obvious that God knows what is coming in Israel so He prepares them accordingly. He longed for the nation to be a theocracy with Yahweh as their king. During Samuel's judeship, the people determined that He was not enough and began to beg for a king. Clearly, God knew this was coming and so He prepares the way for a human king to rule His people. He told the king's to limit the number of horses they have and to limit the number of wives, as well. Both flaunt wealth and will lead them away from Yahweh and his lordship. David had multiple wives and grew wealthy through his military and diplomatic efforts. Solomon, David's son, took what David did to another level. He had huge rows of stables for his horses, and he had over nine hundred wives and concubines. He disobeyed two of the key commandments God gave to kings. He also forgot the Law of God which the king was to keep on his person every day and consistently read, because it would keep his heart and mind focused on God's plan and not his own. God knew that was coming, as well. He planned accordingly, prepared His people, and watched them fall farther and farther away from Him.

Help me, Lord, to listen to Your commandments and walk accordingly so my kids can see the truth from Your Word in me. Help me to keep Your Word with me at all times as I meditate and memorize it for my good and Your glory.