As God continues to prepare this new generation for its conquest of Canaan, He reminds them of the Passover and other Feasts that must be celebrated at certain times and in certain places. In Jesus' day, where did the Jews go to celebrate Passover? The Bible says they went up to Jerusalem. They knew where God wanted them to be for that celebration, and they obeyed His command. Have you ever stopped to consider the reality that God has a time and a place for you every single day. He knows what is best and prepares the way for us as we live in obedience to Him. God was clearly telling His people how to worship and celebrate Him. He did not stutter in His desire. How can we choose to worship the Almighty as we want to instead of as He commands? We are a selfish and prideful people who often see ourselves as the center of the universe. Today is the day to reset your view of God and of yourself. He is the center of this universe, and our lives should revolve solely around His plan for each and every day.

Help me, Lord, to keep You at the center of my universe. Help me to walk in absolute obedience to Your plan for my life knowing that is exactly how You want me to live.