Most chapters have several nuggets of truth tucked into them. Sometimes, those nuggets are easy to see, while at other times, it takes a little work to get it. Did you read the laws concerning slaves in Israel? They were to be set free every seven years. Many times, the slavery started as a means to pay back a debt owed to the "lord" or "master." In some situations, the slave would finish his/her service and choose to stay with the family that has treated him well. In those moments, the owner is supposed to take the slave and pierce his/her ear with an awl literally nailing him to a doorpost. It might seem insignificant at first, but if you let those words permeate your heart and mind, you will find so much more. This slave willingly chooses to give up all freedoms in the future to stay close to his/her lord or master. That was not a commitment that could be taken lightly, because it impacted the future of the slave. As a follower of Christ, how ready am I to give up all my freedoms and live as a "slave to Christ?" This, too, is a serious question, because it does not just involve today, it is also includes all my tomorrows. Am I that committed to Jesus? Can I give up everything for Him?

Help me, Lord, to take that anvil in my ear so people will know Who I serve. Help me to see my life from Your perspective and walk according to Your principles!