As God reviews the dietary laws of His people before they enter and begin to take over the Promised Land, He wants them to understand His purpose behind these laws. They had two purposes: they were meant to protect Israel, and these laws set them apart from all other nations. In other words, God's law comes from a deep love for His people. He did not try to make life more difficult on His kids; He simply wanted them safe and secure. Since Yahweh's name was attached to the nation of Israel, He wanted them to stand out from the other nations who served a multitude of false gods. While they freely ate anything they wanted to, they suffered physically for it. Once again, God was not trying to be mean; He was focused on their safety. What are your thoughts about God's law? Obviously in the New Testament, the Law has been fulfilled completely though it still provides incredible reminders of God's plan for us. This, however, does not change the reality that many of those Old Testament commands still apply today. God opened many doors of opportunity for freedom in Christ, but He still gives us those commandments we are to follow as explained in the New Testament. Why should I keep any of God's Law? Those laws are for our protection and to set us apart for the Lord. They actually have a real purpose

Help me, Lord, to find new commandments and live by them so I can enjoy Your protection and stand out from the world. Help me to search Your Word for Your plans for my life and then live right in the center of what You say.