False prophets have been around for most of this world's existence, and God wants to protect His people from their dangerous messages that turn people away from Him. His punishment for those who misuse and abuse the gospel is death by stoning. Once again, God is emphasizing the importance of remaining faithful to the truth and just how easy it can be to believe a lie. These were real struggles for God's people as they prepared to enter the Promised Land and they are real struggles for all of us who are alive and walking on this earth in 2018. We must always be alert and diligent in what we listen to and in who we listen to. Just because a person holds a Bible near his chest and sounds "spiritual," does not mean he is a true prophet of God. A preacher has no value if he has not first lived what he is preaching; instead, he is a hypocrite for expecting others to do what he does not. This is also a great reminder to spend time in the Word privately so you can know when you hear the truth in public. Satan deceives those who have not been diligent to the Scriptures and to church. He uses any and ever trick in his stash of weapons to get us to believe a lie over the truth. We must beware of those false prophets who take the Word and twist it to their own advantages.

Help me, Lord, to spend time in Your Word and in church so that I am prepared to only hear the truth and not a lie. Help me to always practice what I preach in every scenario so people can see You alive and well in me.