God reminds His people of their main focus once they have defeated the inhabitants of the Promised Land. He tells them now to remind them of what should be when they enter. Today, we encourage people in this country to remember the men and women who have given their lives for the cause of freedom. They deserve to be honored on this special day, and their families deserve our prayers, support, and encouragement as they continue to grieve their loss. Some memories are wonderful and uplifting, and some show up as nightmares in the night. God gives His people these simple reminders so when they succeed, they know God is honored, and when they fail, they understand God's response. One of their most important goals as the Israelites enter the Promised Land is to remove all the remnants of the worship of false gods worshiped by the heathen nations they are to cast out of the land. They are to remove any vestige of their existence. They are then to remember how God wants to be worshiped and do so with all their hearts. They could not take the tools of a false deity and use them to worship the Lord. God tells them to remember this when life gets easier and peace rules their land. Hold tight to those memories and allow them to guide you through the coming days. If you do not, they will come as nightmares that create heartache and agony.

Help me, Lord, to remember Your Word and to worship You according to it. Thank You for the many military men and women who have given their lives to preserve the freedoms of this incredible nation.