God just repeated Himself. In chapter 6, we found the Shema which told the people to talk about God and His Law at every point in the day. He encourages them to make a lasting impression by constantly leading their discussions to Him. Now, in chapter 11, God repeats almost word for word that same commandment. Normally, when something is repeated in Hebrew or Greek, it is done so for emphasis; i.e., this is important! Why does it matter if we talk about the Lord when we rise up and when we lie down; when we walk into town or when we sit on the front porch? It matters because we are consistently losing generations of people to this world. God knew that their children had not seen His miracles in Egypt or in the wilderness, so their only insight into God wass through their parent's words and actions. How true is that today, as well? Our children learn how to live, who to serve, and how to serve from their parents. If those parents talk only about sports or a hobby or clothes and shoes, can a child just somehow make it as a Christ-follower in this world? As a parent, you have made it difficult, if not impossible, for that to happen. Some might argue that they go to church most Sundays; that should be enough. Church has your kids for 3-4 hours/week. You have them the rest of the time, so whose influence is greater? Parents are the key ingredient to our children's future faith. Raise them in Him and watch them flourish as you shoot them out into this world to hit God's mark!

Help me, Lord, to faithfully talk of You and Your Laws when I rise and when I rest so my kids can follow You alone. Help me to not only talk the talk, but to also walk the walk of faith so they can see You alive and well in me.