The title Deuteronomy is actually defined as "second law" meaning it is a repeat, to some extent, of material we have already encountered in the Torah. Why does God repeat Himself? He does so because a new generation of followers were preparing to enter the Promised Land, and they needed the same instructions He gave to their parents and grandparents. The previous generations failed God because of fear. They watched God part the Red Sea, provide manna and water, and defeat many of the kings in the wilderness, but now they are scared to cross over the Jordan River and take the land God gave them. They suffered mightily because of that fear. Are we experiencing that same phenomena in our personal lives and in our churches? Are we too scared to stand for what is right in our PC culture? God has given us a harvest. We read about it throughout the Gospels. The kingdom is more than capable of handling more people committed to Jesus, but fear is stopping us from taking hold of His plan. Fear destroys all sensibility and stops us from looking at the world through the lens of Scripture. Fear makes us selfish, self-conscious, and self-serving. Many Americans live in fear, not of terrorism or nuclear attacks, but of failure, of not being accepted by peers, of somehow stepping on someone's toes, or of missing out on the fun that is constantly paraded before us. Are you living in fear? This whole book is the story of the end of a fearful generation and the beginnings of a faithful generation. Fearful or faithful, how would God describe you?

Help me, Lord, to walk faithfully in Your plan without fear or anxiety. Help my thoughts to be Scriptural and my decisions made according to Your plan and not my fear.