As Paul finishes his letter, he encourages the believers in Colossae to live the Christian life to the fullest. He challenges them to pray but to do so with "an attitude of thanksgiving." He commands them to be wise when they deal with those who are lost or are searching for answers. He even asks them to fill their words with grace that is seasoned with salt. He then mentions several names that the believers would know including Onesimus who we read about in Philemon. God has taken him from an unthankful runaway and made him "our faithful and beloved brother." He also mentions Mark, Barnabas' cousin, who abandoned the two of them on the first missionary journey. Now, Paul encourages the church to welcome him with open arms. Two men who were both runaways, but God transformed their lives and made them faithful brothers in the kingdom work. Has God changed your life that radically? Has He truly transformed you? Those answers should be obvious. If so, then let your prayers be filled with thanksgiving; let wisdom rule your conversations with the lost, and let your words be filled with grace seasoned with salt. Allow God to fine tune His work in your life and watch as He creates a burden in your heart that pushes you into ministry.

Help me, Lord, to live the Christian life to the fullest. Help me to apply the truths of Your Word knowing it not only changes me but also produces transformation in other people's lives.