In the previous chapter, Paul encouraged the people to not listen to those who are preaching "another gospel." He reminds them that their unity is at stake. Now, he reveals that personal sin can also destroy unity within a church family. He reminds them of the importance of putting off the old man and all his sinful ways and putting on that new creation that God is molding into the image of Jesus. We read a text like this and get excited about what God can do, but do we really feel convicted over our sin? Do you and I grasp the incredible power and the devastating impact of sin in a church family? God has called us to a completely different life wherein He is the King and we walk in obedience to Him, as His sons and daughters. One of the greatest results of that kind of walk is a deep desire to honor God in every arena of life. We do it all "in His Name" giving thanks for all that He has provided. This obedience suddenly impacts our marriages, our families, our work ethic and environment, and our church life. When I do what I do for the Lord, then I stop waiting for someone to offend me or for someone to challenge me; instead, I love those whom God has placed in my life and learn to walk with them through their heartaches and struggles.

Help me, Lord, to stay away from sin and to put on that new creation and enjoy the wonderful work You are doing in my life. Help me to do everything in Your Name with a goal of honoring You and opening the door for You to work in my marriage, my family, and my work environment.