Why do so many teens and young adults rebel against the boundaries God has provided in His Word? Paul provides an answer in a small phrase: "...just as you were instructed..." Could it be that our older children struggle more with those boundaries because of a lack of instruction? The move towards worship that is more emotion than substance steals that opportunity to instruct the young and old from the Scriptures. What happens when there is no instruction? People start trying to figure it out on their own. Hopefully, you know by now that when humans try to figure it out, we do so based upon our sin nature, which means it will not resemble God's plan at all. Since God and His Word are no longer instructing our older kids, what is? Television, movies, culture, peers, and social media seem to lead the way. Does television encourage people to go to church on Sunday? Does our culture challenge people to spend time daily in God's Word? The instruction that follows a heartfelt conversion to Christ will keep us on the straight path and help us to enjoy the life that comes through Him. Paul commands the believers in Colossae to "see to it that no one takes you captive through philosophy and empty deception..." That sounds a whole like the world we live in today. How do we change that? Parents must start showing their children how to apply God's Word and instructing them on why they should do so. Preachers need to start saying "thus saith the Lord" and not this is what I think or look at me the comedian and story-teller. God is so ready to pour out revival on this land, but we need His instruction first so we can be a part of it.

Help me, Lord, to live in the freedom that comes from Jesus and not the captivity that comes from the flesh and sin. Help me to instruct my family and faithfully preach Your Word so that lives can change and revival can begin!