John writes to an old friend, Gaius, to encourage and challenge him in his walk with God.  John has heard beautified reports about his “beloved” and exhorts him to stay on the right track.  Do you see discipleship at the heart of this letter?  It is a disciple-maker encouraging his disciple to keep making disciples through his words, actions and attitudes.  This is God’s call to us — “Go and make disciples of all nations...”. If we are not making disciple-makers, then our walk is incomplete, because we are forgetting the commission Jesus gave us before His ascension.  John’s third epistle stands as a beautiful pattern for us to follow.  We should have those in our lives who come to us for advice and who we encourage when they are struggling.  This is discipleship at its core; a relationship with God that is strengthened, and a relationship with a disciple-maker that is personal and real.   I love to see those that God has allowed me to disciple thrive in their Christian walk when others who have never been discipled struggle all around them.  This is the true impact of disciple-making, we make disciples like Gaius who are walking faithfully with God and standing strong for the faith.  John’s challenge is to stay the course and watch God work in his life and ministry.  Are you obeying Jesus’ final commission?  John was, and this letter is his proof.

Help me, Lord, to make disciple-makers who not only thrive in their walk with You but also in helping others have that same walk.  Help me to seek out people like Gaius who have a true heart for God and teach them all that You have taught me.