Paul's powerful challenge to Timothy is to be strong not in physical might but in his faith. He can only do that through diligent study of the Scriptures and through standing against the evil that can so easily draw us away from the truth. This young pastor is called to more than just preaching and teaching but to show others how to walk faithfully with God in every arena of life. I fear that we who claim the name of Christ are consumed by fear and not walking in faith. We have allowed the things that scare us most to steal our awe of the Almighty. We no longer worship for His glory and honor but to impress people. We no longer preach His truth for His glory; instead we preach to get a response or to get the accolades of our listeners. This is weakness on our parts and exactly what Paul is challenging Timothy to be strong in. What needs to change today that will make tomorrow a day of strength and worship? Do you need to admit your focus has shifted due to fear and that you have stopped walking by faith? Do you need to rest in the glorious Gospel of your Savior and not in the cheers and responses of people around you? Be strong and watch God do His beautiful work in the lives of the people we love the most.

Help me, Lord, to be strong today as I live in complete awe of You. Help me to rest in Your truth and not worry about what others think or even what they do.