Do you ever consider how much of a spiritual impact your parents and grandparents had upon your life? Paul recognizes the positive spiritual influence Timothy’s mother and grandmother had upon his current life and ministry. He encourages his protege to stay faithful in his walk with the Lord just as these two ladies have taught him to. He also reminds Timothy that God has not given him a spirit of timidity (fear), but a spirit of love..., power, and a sound mind. This was true for his mother and grandmother, and it is true for this young pastor. This text creates a powerful challenge for parents today. We sometimes get so consumed with living our lives to the fullest that we forget the impact our words, our dress, our attitudes, our decisions and our actions have upon the children in our home. When I meet an angry young man or woman, I know that normally either anger was exemplified before them or their lives were so painful that it produced anger. All of this is a parental issue that we must address if we are going to raise the next generation of warriors for God’s kingdom. The culture loves to tell parents how to parent and even what to think about parenting. Sadly, this plans leaves children timid (fearful) and unable to think, love, or reason correctly. The Scriptures, however, provide a completely different plan for parenting that has worked for centuries and will continue to work throughout eternity. God’s plan provides our kids with love, power, and a sound mind. The positive spiritual impact of Timothy’s mother and grandmother was so obvious that Paul could see it. Is the same true in your home?

Help me, Lord, to be a parent that follows Your plan for parenting and enjoys the incredible results that flow from it. Help me to make such an impact spiritually that is obvious to everyone who sees my children.