Paul finishes this letter with a word of encouragement and a reminder of another aspect of ministry. He believes with all his heart that the Thessalonian church is doing an incredible job and is making a huge impact upon their city and upon the whole Roman Empire. He encourages them to keep the faith and stay focused on the prize. He also wants them to remember the power of an example in their personal witnessing opportunities. He and his companions worked hard while they were in Thessalonica so that they would not be dependent upon anyone in the city. They worked during the day making tents and at night they worshiped and gained the trust of the people. They set this beautiful example of Christian work ethic which should be completely different from others, because we work for the Lord alone. After the example was set, they revealed an incredible commandment, "if a man does not work, then he does not eat." Why could they say something like that to the believers in this city? They could say it because they lived it. They set an example for the believers in Thessalonica to follow. They also set an example for us as Christians in modern-day America to follow. What can we do to change the culture of this country? We can set an example at work and in our homes of what Christian work ethic looks like and pray that God will use that example to not only bring a change at your place of employment, but also inspire your children to follow, as well.

Help me, Lord, to set an example at work of what a believer should truly look like. Help me to set a strong example for my children to follow that will impact the rest of their lives.