Some of the believers in Thessalonica are concerned that they missed the rapture and have been left behind. Paul comforts them with a reminder of some requirements before He returns. The Apostle's knowledge of Scripture is on display as he reminds them of the "lawless one" who will claim to be Christ returned to earth and will deceive many with his miracles and supernatural works. Those people who are deceived will be numbered in the millions, and, sadly, they will follow this "lawless one" into the pit of hell. Paul's reminder is still valid today...we must know the truth through the Scriptures so that we do not fall to the deception of this world. He, then, goes farther to remind them that they not only need to know the word, but they also need to apply the Word using wisdom provided by God alone. Many of you know the Scriptures and can even quote memorized portions of it. Knowledge without wisdom (the application of knowledge) has no real impact upon our lives or upon the lives of those around us. So we know the truth, but we do not share it and do not apply it and then we are surprised when so many fall to the deceptions of this world. If there is no hope in this life or in eternity, why would a person desire anything other than fleshly power, possessions, and pleasure? Paul's challenge is to "stand firm and hold to the traditions which you were taught..." What kind of traditions? Time in the Scriptures and in prayer along with a constant reminder that we are here to be witnesses and to set an example for all that we spend time with.

Help me, Lord, to stand firm against the deceptions of this world by knowing and applying Your Word to my life. Help me to continue those traditions that you have instilled in me through the years and will help keep me on the right track.