This might be one of my favorite moments in David's life. I realize that he was an incredible warrior and leader of the military. He was also clearly wise in his rule of Israel. The most beautiful attribute I see, however, is compassion. Years earlier, David made a promise to his best friend, Jonathan. In it, he promised to take care of any of Jonathan's offspring. He asks his servant to find out if any family remained. Saul's former servant, who is clearly wealthy himself, admits that one child survived and is alive though handicapped. David summons the young man who immediately falls on his face hoping the king would spare his life. David tells him to get up and then restores all the land of his grandfather and puts his servants back to work. Mephibosheth is also granted access to the king's table for every meal from that moment on. In those days, kings killed all the offspring of former kings to remove any rivalries that might "pop" up. David could care less what others did; his focus was on keeping his promise to his best friend. Are we that faithful to our word? I believe David sets an amazing example of saying something and then doing it. He did not let culture or the future of his kingdom stop him from doing exactly what he said he would do. Oh, that we would put that much authority into our words; that we might say something and then do it no matter what others might say or think.

Help me, Lord, to show compassion as I keep my word to those that I meet. Help me to stop looking at the culture for answers and start listening to Your Word for those answers that allow me to make a positive impact upon others.