David enjoys incredible victories over his enemies. These were nations that his people battled during Saul's reign. Israel could never seem to get the "upper hand," but David had no problem defeating those that attacked him. What made the difference? It was not skill or a larger army. It was not better weaponry or strategic planning. The difference is found in their hearts. David loved God and walked closely with Him. So close, that the Bible calls him a man "after God's own heart." Saul followed God early on but always kept the keys handy in case he wanted to step back onto the throne. His heat was "double-minded" and never really meshed with God's will for his family or his future. Can our hearts make that big a difference? Actually, our hearts make all the difference in our personal lives, our relationships, our homes, and our churches. When we love God with all our hearts, then we are determined to follow His plan for our lives and not listen to the world's nonsense. When Jesus has our heart, He has everything about us at His disposal. When you look at the difference in Saul and David, you see just how wide the span is between a heart for God and a heart for me. Where is your heart focused today? Are you consumed with doing God's will no matter what, or are you more consumed with yourself and all that you want to do? The answer will determine just how victorious you are in life.

Help me, Lord, to walk in victory as I tune my heart totally and completely to You. Help me to continually return the keys of my heart back to You, because I am guilty of taking them and making a mess of my life.