Since David listened to the Lord and obeyed, God brought peace to his life and to his land. David had a beautiful palace and a kingdom with few major issues. The king talks to the prophet, Nathan, about building a temple for the Lord and is told to move forward with it. God, however, had a different plan and spoke to Nathan who then revealed Yahweh's plan to David. God promises this man a place in the annals of history and a legacy that would always sit on the throne of Israel. One man received that much from the Lord simply because he chose faith and obedience over fear and rebellion. He determined to seek His will first and then follow His leading in everything that he did. Have you made that kind of decision in your own life? We seem to work best from the fear/rebellion point of view because of our sin nature. Sadly, what is natural never leads to my good and God's glory. The carnal man seeks after sin and turns against God's plans. David, however, saw God's hand upon every part of his life from his calling as king to this revelation of a lasting legacy. Every step had God written all over it, and David enjoyed the incredible blessings that come from that kind of life. Have you missed that boat? We sometimes think so, but God's promise is so clear: "if we confess our sins He is faithful and just to forgive our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness." (1 John 1:9) That is truth that applies to each and every one of us. Follow David's example and start seeking God's will and walking closely with Him.

Help me, Lord, to follow David's example and listen closely to Your voice before making a move in my life. Help me to walk in the Spirit and enjoy Your incredible blessings in all that I do.