David is finally crowned king over a united Israel. It has taken countless years and crazy steps to get to this point, but God started the quest and finished it with the shepherd boy being crowned as king. As you think back over what we have read and learned, I hope you see just how faithful God is even when His people are not. He takes our flesh, failures, and foolish decisions and uses them to accomplish His will. James reminds us that we cannot blame God for that mess, but we can know with confidence that He can use even that to accomplish His perfect will. Could there have been an easier road to the throne? I have no doubt, but God knew the lessons David needed to learn and the lessons Israel needed to learn before He put "the man after His own heart" on the throne. God's way is not our way, nor is it necessarily the way we would choose, but it always leads to His will which means it leads to His best for us. As Christ-followers, we call this our faith walk, because without faith, we would give up way before God is finished. At times, we literally hang on to His coattails and pray for a safe landing. Are you that far along in your faith walk? If not, why not?

Help me, Lord, to stay the course of my faith walk and follow Your plan even when it does not make sense to do so. Help me to see everything You bring into my life as an opportunity to know Your will and live in it.