After the king of Israel accuses Abner, the commander of his army, of infidelity, he turns against the king and towards David, the anointed king of Israel. He goes to David and offers him the land. David shows him great respect and is ready to work together to unify the nation. Joab, the commander of David's army, could not get past the past. Abner killed his brother in battle, and Joab still held that grudge against his arch-enemy. When he hears that Abner showed up, he chased him down and killed him. David and his soldiers mourn for this national hero, and the king curses Joab for his foolish actions. Can we take up an offense for someone we love only to see that grudge create major issues in our future? I know without question that we can. It is important that we stand up for the weak and innocent, but we cannot harbor anger and bitterness and live a life that honors the Lord. The Bible tells us to "not let the sun go down on our anger." Why? The longer we hold onto our anger, the farther away from the Lord we fall. God calls us to "be angry and not sin," but when we harbor those feelings, we struggle to obey. What offense have you taken up for someone else? Is it time to settle that anger and move on with life? Joab could not do so, and it cost him, his family, and his nation a great deal of heartache and pain!

Help me, Lord, to "not let the sun go down on my anger," because I know how deadly my anger can be. Help me to "be angry and sin not" knowing my anger never brings about Your will.