I think it is amazing that God preserved not only David's faith and incredible successes, but also his failures in the flesh. God wants us to see that a person can walk faithfully with Him and still mess up. David was not perfect, nor did he claim to be. David has his military leaders count the numbers of troops in Israel and Judah. The numbers were inconsequential, but David's command was a direct act of disobedience. David knew better, but he still fell into sin. God punishes the king and brings three days of suffering upon His people. Does David seem a little more real to you now? He should, because his life parallels our own in may ways. No, most of us are not kings, wealthy, or warriors, but we are men and women who love the Lord and still fall into sin at times. David reminds us that even the godliest of people make mistakes. None of us are worthy of being put on a pedestal, because we, like David, are still sinners who have been saved by grace. We should, however, respond differently when difficult times hit our homes and families. We realize that some of those difficulties are simply punishment for our sin. God's desire is that you grow through those hardships so that you can overcome them in the future.

Help me, Lord, to reconnect with You as soon as I sin and to face Your discipline by faith. Help me to find strength and victory for the future through the mistakes I am currently making or have made in the past.