David's last words are so powerful, because they point his readers' attention back to the One who accomplished it all. God saw the incredible leadership qualities that David possessed and used those qualities to influence a nation for His glory. His leadership produced these incredible warriors that the chapter talks about. All these men were free to use their strengths to build God's kingdom, because they had a leader who was pushing them in the right direction. If you were to ask them who their leader was, they would not even need to think about it; David was their king. He was placed on that throne by God, and they were committed to serving him. Who is your king today? That probably sounds like a loaded questions, especially if you are a Christ-follower. Saying that Jesus is King means nothing if your life does not continually prove it. Who tells you how to dress, spend your money, or how to react to something you do not like? Who directs our steps and guides us to places we would never have considered? Who/what is your king? We have the greatest leader in all the universe, and He has given us leaders in our life. How are we responding to those leaders? David knew what was right and responded accordingly, and his people followed him.

Help me, Lord, to follow those leaders You have placed in my life. Help me to not only say You are my King, but also show it to everyone I see each day.