David's song of praise reveals his understanding that everything he had came directly from Yahweh. He takes no credit for his victories or peace in the land of Israel; instead he recognizes where those victories and that peace comes from. We can all admit that it is really easy to take credit for our successes and to blame others for our failures. David's song, then, is a supernatural working of the Almighty through him. He recognized God's presence in all that he did and never tried to steal the glory from the One who deserved it. This is the heart of a king! Is that your heart? Have you concluded that everything you have is from the Lord? Have you been thankful for His bountiful blessings, or are you constantly complaining about what you do not have.. Will you give God the glory He deserves through your words, actions, and attitudes? David's attitude caused him to be thankful. He could not help it. It is time for God's church to do the same! We must learn to be thankful. We must learn to write songs of praise for all that God has done. We must learn from "the man after God's own heart" how to truly please and honor God! He sets a powerful example! Will you follow it?

Help me, Lord, to be thankful for every good and perfect gift that You have given me. Help me to give You praise for every success knowing each one is a gift from You.