This chapter revives some scary questions about God's plan for His people. When David gives up the seven sons/grandsons of Saul, he literally signs their death warrant in reparation for a past discretion. How could this be right? We must remember that justice is the key ingredient to the Law. We do what is right, and we and our household enjoy God's blessings. We do what is wrong, and we and our household suffer the consequences. While these are sad consequences, they are the consequences of Saul's sin against these people. This is another reason that I am so thankful for Jesus. In Christ, God's focus is grace not justice. He is still the God of justice, but He is now free through the blood of Christ to give us what we could never deserve. According to the Law, Saul's family deserved to suffer because of his past failures. By grace, God does not carry over the sins of the parents onto their children meaning my kids do not have to suffer because of my failures. They might suffer as a natural reaction to what I taught them, but by grace, they do not have to. God will always be a God of justice, but He is also a God of amazing, undeserved grace. Have you experienced that grace in your life? Are you resting in that grace today? If you are in Christ, God has washed all your sin and guilt away and has set you on a new path free from bondage. Live like a recipient of grace today!

Help me, Lord, to experience and rest in Your grace. Help me to stop punishing myself for past grievances and walk in the grace that has saved me and is now setting me apart for service.