When leaders are struggling or have admittedly made a mistake, we are not to kick them when they are down. David is back on the throne, but the people of Israel are finicky and follow whoever will lead them. People know David is struggling with the death of his son and use the opportunity to gain power in Israel. David sends his men to deal with this menace, and they do with almost no bloodshed. When God places a leader in our lives, our greatest responsibility is to pray for that person. We must pray for protection and for power in what they say and do. We must ask God to use that person in a way that will positively impact those who serve under him. When a leader messes up, we must under-gird him/her with prayer, encouragement, and a shoulder to cry on. Choosing to use that time to your personal advantage is done only in the flesh and not in the Spirit. Why is this so important? God has chosen specific people to perform specific jobs in His kingdom. When God puts a leader over us, we must honor God's man or woman in that position and seek for his/her best in life. That leader needs your ministry and God clearly commands it in His Word. David was God's king and though he made mistakes that created drama in his home, he was the man God planned to use to continue the lineage of Jesus.

Help me, Lord, to diligently pray for those who are leaders in my life. Help me to be that shoulder to cry on when leadership gets too difficult or challenging.