It breaks my heart to think that my sin has a negative impact upon the people I love most. God crowned David king over all of Israel, but only the people of Judah would follow him because Israel put the son of Saul on the throne. David's men and the men of Israel meet together and eventually begin to argue and fight among themselves. In the end, both sides suffer because of their losses in the battle. Why did something so difficult and painful have to occur? It happened because people would not listen to God and follow His plan for life. They chose to do what they wanted and created hurt and heartache for those around them. Is that what you want most in life? If you are currently living in sin, then that is exactly what you are doing. I understand that we all sin, but living in sin is a far different animal than an occasional fall to the flesh. Both can have devastating effects, but the person who chooses to live in sin is opening the door for long-term devastation in their lives and in the lives of those they love most. Honestly, most of us never want to think about the impact of our sin upon others. Today's mantra is that my sin is my problem and it does not effect you. That is just another lie of the evil one. He has duped us into believing something that we clearly see is not true. I pray you will see the truth today and make whatever changes are needed to stop hurting those you love most.

Help me, Lord, to walk in holiness as much as is possible and to confess sin as soon as I get into it. Help me to love those around me enough to put away those sins that are a normal part of my everyday life.