Absalom is dead, and David's kingship is fully restored over all of Israel. In the aftermath of this war, we see human flesh on display. Much of what is done is selfish and sinful. People are out to save their own hides and to get in good graces with the king; even Mephibosheth shows up repentant and ready to follow the king once again. All the while, David is in mourning over the death of another son because of his own fleshly actions with Bathsheba. I know I have said it several times recently, but it is so important that we all see the destructive power of sin. The consequences took two of David's sons and pushed his nation to a more carnal mindset. I know that flesh is on display in every venue of this culture. Even in churches, we seek our own gain and strive to build up our reputation or our standing in the fellowship. God has no need for any of that junk in His church. He has called us to love those He brings into our church no matter who they are or where they have been. We only do this in the Spirit; never in the flesh. That means we need to surrender to the Holy Spirit daily, study the Scriptures daily, and spend time in concentrated daily prayer. We are going to struggle to walk in the Spirit if those activities are not already at work in our lives. If we are not careful, our flesh will be on display everywhere we go.

Help me, Lord, to read, study, pray, and surrender to Your Spirit every morning. Help me to walk in the Spirit so that I can love others where they are and focus on their needs above my own.