Sin never leads to God's best for our lives. David was enjoying God's protection and provision until he chose to commit adultery with Bathsheba. God's punishment was not just the death of their baby, because two of David's sons by other wives died, as well. God understands that perfection is impossible for us on the earth, but He also reminds us constantly of the deadliness of sin. David is experiencing that reality first hand. As the armies of David and Absalom face off, we see the king's men dominate the son's men. They were told beforehand to spare Absalom's life, but Joab, the commander of David's army, did not listen and killed the son while he hung by his hair from a tree. The king once again mourns the loss of a son. He has to be cognizant of his own fault in Absalom's death, because he set an example for his son to follow. Do we make that kind of impact upon our kids? We definitely do! When a parent abandons a child, it has an impact. When a parent abuses a child, it has an impact. When a parent actively lives in sin, it has an impact. Stop being deceived by Satan's lies that your actions and your sin are not important for your children's future. David suffered greatly, because God removed His hand of protection and provision and allowed the king to experience the consequences of his sin. Wake up, my friends, your children need you to be their strong tower and their loving leader as the grow and mature into adulthood.

Help me, Lord, to understand my children's need for parents that love You and live for You. Help me to walk with my children through this journey of life influencing them daily to walk closely with You.