The drama that is now David's life continues as Absalom and his military leaders try to figure out the best way to attack the king. Two men give their advice, and Absalom chooses to listen to only one of them. The second man is so wounded by the king's rejection that he puts his house in order and kills himself. We are already seeing the negative effects of Absalom as the self-proclaimed king of Israel. When God is not at the center of our lives and our churches, we will not enjoy His rich blessings, but we will excel in the flesh. No matter how pretty we try to make it, anything fleshly is also deadly. I fully acknowledge that it is much easier to walk in the flesh than in the Spirit. It is far easier to hold grudges or show favoritism. It is far easier to walk in anger and and even hate those who oppose our agenda. It is easy, but it never accomplishes the best in life. In the Spirit, we learn to forgive, to remove prejudice, to be slow to anger, and to love our enemies. David tried to walk in the Spirit even through such dramatic events, and God continued to pour out His blessings as people brought him food and drink. God also protected His servant and provided for his every need. Are you walking in the Spirit or in the flesh? We can all see the dramatic difference simply by looking at the lives of David and Absalom.

Help me, Lord, to walk in the Spirit. Help me to see the difference that You make in my life and to share that with as many people as possible.