God is looking for those people who can see past the flashy and the fun to the character of the person they are following. David had consistently proven himself to his followers, but Absalom, a "beautiful man," put on a grand show and drew the hearts of Israel away from his father. I suspect Absalom made some powerful promises, showed off his incredible wealth, and swept the people off their feet. Sadly, he was a wolf in sheep's clothing, and David knew it. When he heard of the rebellion he decided to leave the city instead of fighting his son for it. Many still followed the king and would not succumb to the flash and fun of his son. David asked several to return to Jerusalem and spy for him. Again, these men saw the character of their king and responded accordingly. David also believed that God had all of this under His control. We never see where he questions God about this moment, though he will grieve deeply when his son is dead. Who are you following at the moment? Is it a pastor, a priest, or even a politician? No matter who you follow, have you stopped long enough to truly consider their character and their heart? It should be obvious when a person is walking closely with God and striving to follow Him. We must get past all the external frivolities and seek the character and integrity inside.

Help me, Lord, to follow those people who have clearly proven themselves as people of character. Help me to look diligently for their heart and not the flash of external beauty or success.