This moment in David's life has several important lessons, but the greatest might be that when we strive to be a blessing to others, they sometimes bless us in an even greater way. David and his son, Absalom, are estranged. Joab, David's commander, knows that his king is unhappy and emotionally strained by the disconnect. He sends a woman to David with a sad story of her two sons. David immediately responds to her needs striving to bless her life and alleviate some of her pain. When she finally explains who she is, this woman challenges the king to bring his son back to Jerusalem. David admits that she has made a positive impact upon his life just as he tried to do for her. Have you ever gone to help someone or to visit them in their sickness or grief only to be blessed in an even greater way by their life and reactions to negative situations? God is more than able to bring incredible blessings upon our lives as we strive to be a blessing to others. When you feel His leading to make a visit or to make a phone call or to send a check, do it with the knowledge that God can bring even greater blessings in your life through the gift of your time or money. We must be about the Lord's business! When we are, God will bring incredible blessings to our lives and our families.

Help me, Lord, to strive to be a blessing to those who are in need. Help me to meet those needs as You provide the means and help me to appreciate and celebrate the blessings that come from that step of faith.