It does not take long for the effects of sins to become a reality in our lives. One of David's sons from one wife obsesses over a daughter from another wife. He cannot get her to spend time with him so he pretends he is sick and requests her as his nurse. She is completely innocent, and Amnon overpowers her and rapes her. He then gets angry and sends her away. Her name and reputation were tarnished by an obsession that was out of control. The girl, Tamar, was the full-sister of Absalom, another one of David's sons. Absalom hated Amnon and had him killed at a party he threw for his fellow princes. How in the world can a family get so corrupt so quickly? When one or both parents are rebelling against the Lord and living in sin, they give Satan a foothold in their children's lives. He does not waste any opportunity we give him to deceive and destroy. Amnon and Absalom are both guilty of horrible sins and should have been punished for them. David still carries the weight of this sin in his family, because he opened the door. He led the way. Parents, you will never grasp just how much of an impact your life has upon your children until they grow up. I see parts of me and parts of Jill in both our children. We committed early on to be parents who set an example of righteousness and faithfulness to our children. Have you made that kind of commitment? We never tried to claim perfection, but we wanted them to see the impact Jesus can make upon their lives. Your kids desperately need you to set that strong example for them to follow.

Help me, Lord, to always set a good example for my kids to follow. Help me to put aside my sin and put on humility so that You can shine through me.