God tells Nathan, the prophet, about David's sin and commands him to confront the king. Nathan tells a heart-ripping story to get the king's attention and to help him see how God sees his actions. God now has to punish David, and his children and grandchildren will suffer, as well. David repents of his sin and begs God to save the life of the child born out of his adulterous relationship with Bathsheba. He writes Psalm 32 and 51 at this time to relay the hardship and pain that sin produces in our lives. He also shows us how to repent of our sins and move forward in life. When this beautiful baby starts getting sick, David fell face-down on the floor begging God to save his child. He did this for seven days until he was told the child died. He then got up and cleaned himself and asked for a meal to be prepared for him. When the other leaders asked him why he acted as he did, the king simply explained that before the child's death, God could have chosen to do anything, but now that he is gone, his only hope is an eternal future with the little one. David mourns, but he also remembers Bathsheba's mourning and goes to comfort her. Solomon was conceived that day! God was already at work to take the next step in His earthly kingdom. How do you repent of sin and mourn deep loss? David sets a great example for us to follow!

Help me, Lord, to mourn as "one who has hope" and not like those who have none. Help me to trust that You already have the next step in my journey planned and help me to stay on task and not get side-tracked by sin.