After one of my favorite chapters in all of Scripture, we now turn to one of my least favorite. David has been the one man in the Scriptures who understood God's heart and dedicated his life fully to Him. Suddenly, we see David staying home from war where he would normally be during this time of the year. One evening, he is walking on his rooftop and sees a beautiful woman taking a bath. Men and women, alike, sometimes see things they should not see totally and completely by mistake. It is not sin; it is simply a surprise. We want David to do what we do and turn his head away from the surprise, but he chooses to let lust take root in his heart and mind and invites her to his palace. I have no idea what transpired upon her arrival, but due to her future pregnancy, we know how the night ended. David was not where he was supposed to be doing what he was supposed to be doing, and we see the result. David, however, does not stop at adultery. He adds murder to the mix as he ensures that Bathsheba's husband is killed in battle. The chapter ends with some powerful words, "but the thing that David had done displeased the Lord." We must always remember that any person, Christ-follower or not, can do any horrible thing at any minute. This is why God commands us to take every thought captive and to deny ourselves daily and pick up our cross and follow Him. On our own, we have little to no hope for purity or for wise decisions; we must surrender daily to the Holy Spirit so that He can guide us into God's will. This is where we need to be everyday! Will you stop right now and take a moment to take every thought captive, to deny yourself and pick up your cross, and to surrender to the Holy Spirit's authority?

Help me, Lord, to understand my own propensity to certain sins and to fight against those propensities with Your Word and Your Spirit. Help me to stand against the temptations that constantly bombard my life and strengthen me daily with Your power and authority.