It is never easy to be attacked for trying to do something good for a person in need. David hears of the death of a king in the area and sends a small convoy to relay his condolences to the grieving family and nation. Another king in the area decides that this is David's way to get intel on a land he might want to attack. The convoy is sent away embarrassed and ashamed. David's heart was in the right place, but those who were grieving clearly were not. They were so consumed with themselves that they could not accept a kind gesture from a neighboring monarch. These foreign nations join together to fight against Israel for no real reason except fear. David marches out on two occasions to deal with the threat and defeats them easily on both fronts. Many men died because someone mistook David's respect for a battle tactic. As Christ-followers, we must expect this to happen. We have a completely different way of looking at life and of relating to people, and it is sometimes misunderstood for something it is not. While this will probably not turn into a war, it is an opportunity to react with character and hopefully make an impact upon the person who reacted incorrectly. We cannot always fix their perception, but we can show them how God would want us to react to it. For many, the normal reaction is to get defensive, but God is calling us to more than that. David did not start the battle with the foreign kings, he simply responded to their threats and defended his kingdom. We can learn much from his response and how important it is that we respond to misunderstandings in a way that respects the other person and honors God.

Help me, Lord, to continually remember the incredible gap that exists between Your followers and the culture's followers. Help me to react with character when I am unjustly attacked for something that was meant to encourage or help.