After reminding the diaspora of false teachers in their midst, Peter moves their attention away from the earthly and points them towards eternity. He reveals a future so incredible that his readers had to sit in awe of what will come. We were created for eternity and must fight the urge to give into all the negative circumstances coming our way. How easy is it to be overcome or overwrought with worry or fear over an illness, our children, or our finances? We can fall off the rails instantaneously if we are not careful. Peter reminds them to keep their eyes focused not upon this earth which will eventually burn up but upon that new city that will come down from heaven and be our home for eternity. He also commands them to dig into the Scriptures including the writings of Paul to help keep their attention where it needs to be. Once again, if we fill our minds with the filth and drama of our culture, we are going to struggle to keep our thoughts on eternity. We need quality time in the Scriptures everyday, and we need to complete the conversation by talking to God. These are vital components to a believer's success. Are you willing to commit a small portion of your day to have a conversation with the Lord? You will be surprised at how much easier it is to focus on eternity while putting away your worries and your fears when you do so!

Help me, Lord, to keep my eyes focused upon that New Jerusalem You have already promised and are now preparing for me. Help me to have a daily conversation with You through time in Your Word and heartfelt intercessory prayer.