False teachers are always among us. Peter reminds the churches of the diaspora that they need to be careful of those who speak more from a fleshly perspective and not from a spiritual one. He returns to the Old Testament to help them understand the seriousness of such kinds of teaching. He mentions the angels who followed Satan, the destruction of the earth and its occupants during Noah's day, and the fire from heaven that came down upon Sodom and Gomorrah after Lot fled the city. Listening to those who preach the gospel of health and wealth or to those who preach a gospel of cultural morality will put us in a position to fall and to face the same judgment as the angels, the population of the earth during the flood, and the two wicked cities of Canaan. These people have nothing of value to teach us; therefore, we must stand strong in our faith and in the whole canon of Scripture. We cannot take liberties with the Word, but must preach the "whole counsel of God." When we hold back or completely back off of a PC topic, like abortion, homosexuality, or the transgender movement, because we do not want to offend, we are actually falling into the category of a false teacher. Peter concludes by quoting Proverbs 26:11 and reminds us that a false teacher is living in the flesh after hearing and supposedly accepting the Gospel. That person cannot stop himself, he will return to that which he has already regurgitated because it made him sick.

Help me, Lord, to be a teacher and preacher of the truth. Help me to put away my flesh and preach the whole counsel of God even when it is not politically correct.