Elisha sends one of the young prophets to anoint Jehu as the next king of Israel.  As the commander of the army, Jehu already knew every detail about the king and his whereabouts.  His men gladly bowed down to Jehu, their new king, and followed him to Jezreel to kill the current king.  He not only killed the king of Israel; he also chased and killed the king of Judah.  Before entering the palace for dinner, he watched Jezebel fall to her death.  God used one wicked man to deal with another wicked man and his wife.  He knew that Jehu would not follow Him, but He hand-picked the commander to fulfill the prophecy of Elisha.  We sometimes wonder how God can use the wicked to accomplish His will, but is that even ours to question?  God is Sovereign, and He alone is able to see the first AND the last; therefore, He can make decisions that make no sense in the natural world but that make perfect sense in the spiritual realm.  Isaiah knew that God’s thoughts and God’s ways were far beyond His comprehension (Isaiah 55:8-9); therefore his only hope was faith.  Elisha could have questioned God’s plan for Israel, but he never did, because he respected and trusted God as King of this universe.  How many people spend their days questioning God’s motives or His use of the wicked to accomplish His will?  We can waste time and energy questioning the Almighty, or we can walk by faith and continue the journey that He started us on.  I do not have the authority to question His authority; therefore, faith is my only real option as a child of the King.  

Help me, Lord, to stop questioning Your motives and Your plans.  Help me to walk by faith knowing Your plan is perfect and far beyond my understanding.