Our obsession with sin stymies God's ability to work in and through our lives. I am amazed at the kings of Israel and their complete misunderstanding of who they are and what they are doing. While Israel never had a godly king on its throne after the kingdom divided, she did have some amazing prophets who tried to lead the people back to the Lord. In Judah, some kings were godly and several were not. In those days when a godly king reigned, Judah enjoyed God's blessings and goodness in every facet of their lives. When, however, the king led the people into sin, they would watch their lives fall apart. Sin always destroys everything it touches! Everyone has problems, but those who walk in sin create even more problems and open the door for drama and chaos. A true Christ-follower will struggle through those problems but not add more to the situation with sin. The decision to follow God or to rebel against Him made all the difference in Israel and in Judah. It still makes a massive difference in our lives today. Can you honestly call yourself a follower of Christ, or have you rejected Christ and followed your sinful flesh? That answer will determine where you life goes from this moment forward.

Help me, Lord, to seek after You in all that I do. Help me to handle the problems that come into my life through Your Word and Your Spirit and not add more to them by following my sinful flesh.