Elisha's promise from God comes true in a completely unexpected manner. We love to put God in a box and almost demand that He do what we want when we want. He reminds us throughout Scripture that this life is not about us; it is 100% about Him. He determines the days and seasons. He determines the number of rainy days and the number of sunny ones. Life is all about God. Four lepers decide to seek asylum from those attacking Israel. When they arrive at the camp, they find that God has already fought their battle and now the spoil is theirs to enjoy. Eventually, Israel enjoys the spoil, as well, and life is even better than it was before the famine. Elisha did not make this happen, nor did the current king of Israel; this was all God's doing. He caused the enemy to hear the sounds of chariots and soldiers, and He pushed them to run away leaving everything behind. God did this out of a deep love for His people even when they rebelled against Him. He loves you just as deeply and wants to meet Your needs and help with Your problems on His timetable. Are you willing to wait upon the Lord so He can strengthen, encourage, and challenge you? He will not fail to meet our needs or reveal His will in His perfect time. Will you learn to wait and grow more intimate with your Creator, or will you venture out on your own and try to do what only God can do? That answer will determine much about your future.

Help me, Lord, to seek Your help in every need and in every decision. Help me to wait until You move or work in a situation instead of trying to do something that only You can do.